Welcome to the web page of DONGWOOBRAKE.

Dongwoo Brake will do its utmost effort to truly satisfy customers with the best service and its
leadership in technology.

We pursue the future where the development of the company and individuals is achieved through
the maximization of value creation, and ultimately, the happiness of employees, the company,
partners, and local communities is promoted by striking balance between work and life.

We will strive to be a trusted company in our society by performing all tasks according to principles
and standard, and sharing based on the philosophy of respecting human dignity.

Also, with continuous R&D to lead the market and generate customer value, we will win the competition
for the technology leadership.

Acknowledging that change is a prerequisite for development, we will nurture global leaders with
passion and the power of execution, and pursue the future-oriented change. We will grow with our
customers through customer value management from which customers truly satisfy and feel happy
by prioritizing trust of customers.

Fairness and transparency will be the principles of our business activity, and we will perform a role
of an ecofriendly company by fulfilling corporate social responsibility through participation and
sharing. Thus, we will strive to lead the way to the creation of clean and beautiful society.

“Thank you for your unyielding support.”